What happens to an object that is rarely thought about when it's taken out of context? What is it about objects that force us to not think about them beyond their use. After all a chair is just a chair according to Luther Vandross. But in that same token We give tremendous value to some objects, and almost none to others. Sometimes, even for objects we don't give much value to, they become extremely important when it comes to defining who "it" belongs to. So with all of that; these are just objects obscured in some cases, and just in their natural habitat in other cases. None of the images make much logical sense; A mortal and pestle is pictured like its for sale, but it's simply to be looked at. Don Francisco's Coffee is paired with Coconuts as if to accentuate the flavor Vanilla "Nut". 4x5 Negatives presented as if it's a dreamcatcher. Shriveled up applies, Old beets, A random drum and house plant leaves. What is the measure of an object 

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